Shri Chiranji Lal Malhotra
Posted on 31-05-2023 09:32 PM

                                                                                 Sh. Chiranji Lal Malhotra-Salt Commissioner of India

Born in a lower middle class family in Mandi on 14th April, 1915, Sh. Chiranji Lal Malhotra was a bright student throughout his educational career. After studying in Govt. Bijai High School, Mandi up to Matriculation, he studied in Lahore to complete his B.Sc. degree. After qualifying in a tough competition, the erstwhile ruler of Mandi Raja Joginder Sen sent him to Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad (Now called IIT, Dhanbad) on Scholarship to complete degree in mining engineering. To help his family at home financially, he took tuitions at Lahore and also saved from his state scholarship at Dhanbad. This difficult time of his family left a deep impression on his mind that shaped his thought process particularly in the matters of helping the needy.

Sh.Chiranji Lal Malhotra started his carrier as Mining Engineer at Salt Mines in Mandi district and rose to the position of Salt Commissioner for India. He was picked by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) as its expert on Salt to advise under-developed countries in planning and development of Salt Industry. In this context, he worked in 18 countries across different continents. Himachal Pradesh Government also utilized his services as member of State Planning Board and Mining Advisor. Sh. Chiranji Lal Malhotra had deep interest in

the welfare of old destitute persons, poor women, children and sick persons. He helped them in different ways quietly. He also started a few social welfare organizations to help these groups to gain employment skills. Sh. Malhotra was also a great lover of art and culture. He encouraged all activities aimed at promotion of art and culture of the state and particularly Mandi District. He provided big support in different ways in thesetting up  of  Himachal Darshan Photo Gallery at Bindravani on Mandi -Kullu national Highway to help tourists visiting this area to get insight

into the beauty and culture of this place. Courtesy: Shri Naresh Malhotra, Convenor, INTACH-Mandi chapter.

                   पुश्तैनी घर

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