Secrets of Longevity in Mandi Community-Traditional Indigenous Foods - 1.4
Posted on 11-08-2023 08:08 PM

Traditional Indigenous foods

Our Dadi & Nani have been churning out lip-smacking delicacies that not only cater to our palate, sustain longer but also benefit our health. Homemade foods have always been a part of our community culinary culture. There were several indigenous foods prepared by boiling, steaming, roasting, frying and fermenting, the cooking techniques that gave appeal, sustenance and enhanced the nutritional value.

Boiling was the simplest cooking way to make delicious and tasty food (Roti-sabji, Dal-chawal) but many water-soluble vitamins leached out during the boiling process and were lost. Steaming the food (such as Siddu, Patarorhoo) helped to maintain some of these lost nutrients but lacked taste. Roasting food (such as Condiments-masala/turka, Potato/Sakakandi, Baingan bharhtha etc.) helped to enhance the flavor through caramelization & release the essential flavors/oils. Frying foods (most of festival foods-Luchi, Vada, and fried Kachouri etc.) in oil imparted crispiness, tasty feel, though mouthwatering, but kill many of the nutrients & add extra oil.

Fermenting foods (Bhaturoo, Kachouri, Babru/Bhalle, Jhorh, Jhorh-Pakorhi, Jalebi, Sepubari, Seera, Barian & Pickles etc.) improved taste/texture/aroma and nutritive value, a technique that met most of the cooking needs that were not realized by the simple methods. Fermentation involved using starting culture (Malerha in mandiali-growing microorganisms like bacteria, yeast, or fungi in food for some time/overnight) known to preserve food for long time. These foods being probiotic in nature promoted healthy gut microbiome, aid in digestion, meet the vitamin B12 body needs by converting sugars, carbs, starch, and organic compounds in food into various acidic nutrients/gases.

Over and above another technique of sun baking foods (Pickles-Dhayangu/Salbhar wale, Sukhai ri sabjian-dried vegetables, Amba ra Manda-dried mango puree, Ambde ri gorhi etc.) was practiced. Foods so prepared, are loaded with high level of disease-fighting polyphenols, and good amount of vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, all extremely effective antioxidants required for health.

Our ancestors enjoyed variety of foods but limited high energy foods consumption to special occasions only. Beyond their delectable diverse forms, all these foods hold a secret to a good health, vibrant life and longevity.

Now that we know the various benefits they offer, it's time to embrace the magic of these foods and imbibe into our daily life once again.

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